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Dragonfly Designs

Carey Meyers & Cathy Russell

Box 605 Markdale,
Ontario N0C 1H0

Dragonfly Designs has offices in Markdale and Dundalk, Ontario.

(519) 986-2912

(519) 923-6731

Web site: http://www.dragonflydesigns.ca
Email: webmaster@dragonflydesigns.ca


Dragonfly Designs is a dynamic and exciting web design company offering the latest in custom web design and online marketing strategies. We specialize in custom content management systems for public and intranet web sites. Our innovative systems allow your business to update your web site from anywhere using simple web based forms. If you can send an email, you can update your web site utilizing our new content management system.

Online communication is an effective marketing tool that can open up a world of opportunity for your business. A professionally designed web site can make all the difference.

Dragonfly Designs Dragonfly Designs


"... With limited input from the OPP, Dragonfly Designs created an extremely informative, easy to follow-user friendly website that is very attractive to the user. Subsequent to the launch of the Crime Prevention Section website, the Corporate Communications Bureau of the OPP were so impressed with the look of the new Crime Prevention Section website, that they changed the whole look of the OPP website to mirror that of the Crime Prevention Section Website."

Donnie MacDonald
Detective Sergeant
Crime Prevention Section, IB
Ontario Provincial Police, GHQ

"... Dragonfly Designs were contracted by Grey Bruce Health Services in 2003 to design and build a web site for the Corporation (GBHS). Dragonfly Designs provided a quality web site for our use. Their extensive pre-planning and analysis of the information necessary to include in the site resulted in a very clean roll out for the site... We recommend Dragonfly Designs to you without reservation."

Maureen Solecki
VP strategic Planning, Community Relations, Support Services

Elyse Pike
Health Sciences Librarian

It has been a pleasure working with Carey and Cathy at Dragonfly Designs. Professional, creative, caring are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind. They were willing to go the "extra mile" both literally and symbolically. Our journey began with an informative joint presentation to our Board, in Chesley, in January, and in the midst of a "road closing" snowstorm. Several weeks ago we "launched" our new web site with feedback comments ranging from-- impressive to talented to who helped you do this? Our Project Lead has consistently referenced their talent, energy, and helpfulness from inception to completion. 

Thank you for your help and "extra miles".

Dennis W. Boyle 
Executive Director