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 Plumbing Contractors
 Water Treatment and Softeners
 Well Pump Services

Plumb Perfect - Orangeville

Paul Lamoureux

Plumbing Contractors
14882 Dixie Rd, Inglewood, ON

(519) 942-9300
(888) 458-1979

Web site: http://www.plumbperfect.ca
Email: service@plumbperfect.ca


Exceptional Orangeville Plumbing Services

Our specialty services in Orangeville include help with:

  • Drains and pipe cleaning and maintenance
  • Emergency plumbing 24/7 services 
  • Bathroom repair and replacement services 
  • Kitchen repair and replacement services 
  • Plumbing inspections for home purchasing or selling 
  • Septic, sump and sewage pump inspections, repairs and maintenance 
  • Repair and prevention of frozen pipes and valves
  • Water testing
  • Water treatment for softeners, filtration systems, wells, water heaters, etc. 
  • Certified Well Technician 
  • Well Contracting License

Each of our plumbers is a highly trained, friendly and licensed professional who provides such great service that we guarantee your satisfaction in writing!

Give us a call today at 519-942-9300 for any Orangeville plumbing services, and keep our number on-hand, because we offer 24/7 emergency service with our own LIVE operator standing by!

Plumb Perfect - Orangeville Plumb Perfect
Plumb Perfect Plumb Perfect - Toto Aquia Toilets


We can assure you of our excellent service, but it might be better to read what others have to say:

“I called Plumb Perfect 2 days ago telling Terry that I had frozen pipes and I needed help. She assured me that I would be ok and was sending Paul Lamoureux to my house by 6pm. He arrived and within 15 minutes had my cold water pipe defrosted. He also had some recommendations and I will follow through on them. He is very professional and friendly. Even my dog liked him. Thanks Paul and Plumb Perfect. If I ever need a plumber or your services I will definitely call."

– Annette B., Orangeville ON